Where Do Credit Scores Come From?

– By Michelle Black, HOPE USA Credit scores affect your life in many important ways.  First, anytime you apply for a mortgage, car loan, credit card, or financing of any kind your credit score will be looked at to determine whether you are approved or denied financing.  If you are approved, your credit scores are […] Read more »

Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

It’s the dream of almost every hardworking family in America.  It is one of those things that motivates you to work that overtime or skip that extra expense… so that “one day” that mortgage will be paid off early and you can ride off into the sunset!  It seems to be a classic “no-brainer” right?  We […] Read more »

Beware of Unsolicited Letters Suggesting Potential Mortgage Audit Refunds

I have been contacted by several homebuyers and homeowners with questions about letters being received by them in the mail from “Mortgage Auditing Program, Division of A.M.T.” These letters are being received all over the county and they get the attention of homeowners by offering risk free mortgage audits that can lead to potential refunds due […] Read more »

It’s ok to RENT… for a while!

Are you a renter who wants to become a homeowner but you’re just not ready?  I am here to tell you that is just fine!!  You might not be ready to buy a home today, and whether you need 5 months or 5 years to get ready, that is OK.  Don’t let anyone tell you […] Read more »