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Charlotte mortgage loans

Are you looking for a mortgage in Charlotte NC?  Have you talked to a Charlotte mortgage broker or a Charlotte mortgage lender?  Fairway Independent Mortgage is one of the nations largest correspondent lenders… what does that mean to you?  A mortgage broker can offer you flexible terms because they can shop for you to many […] Read more »

Home loan Charlotte NC

Buy a home in Charlotte NC

If you are looking to buy a home in Charlotte, North Carolina, here are a few things you should know.  You should start with the home loan before looking at the first house!  No you dreams at night of owning a mortgage loan in Charlotte, but you can’t own a home without the loan to […] Read more »

VA Home Loans | Eligibility

VA mortgage loans

Have you ever served in the United States Armed Forces?  If yes then I say THANK YOU!  My father served in the Marine Corps and I grew up in a home that believed in God, family and country.  Patriotism is not a slogan or a bumper sticker, it is sacrifice and our men and women […] Read more »

How to Refinance

Learn how to refinance your charlotte mortgage

Many homeowners buy a home and never really understand how to refinance their home loan.  What does refinance mean?  I get asked a lot of refinance questions that make me believe that most homeowners think a refinance is like a loan modification.  There is a major difference.  When you refinance your mortgage you are paying […] Read more »

FHA Mortgage Insurance Chart


FHA charges every borrower a mortgage insurance premium for their endorsement of the loan for the lender.  FHA does not lend money directly to the homebuyer, instead the FHA or Federal Housing Administration offers approved lenders coverage against the chance a borrower defaults on their loan.  Basically you are paying the Federal Government an insurance […] Read more »