Charlotte FHA Loans

Charlotte FHA mortgages

Are you interested in buying a home in Charlotte, NC?  Charlotte Real Estate is available at incredible prices and you don’t need a huge down payment to buy.  FHA’s 203(b) program allows you to buy a home in the Charlotte Metro Area for only 3.5% down!  FHA also allows the seller to cover your closing […] Read more »

Buying a Home While in Bankruptcy


Did you know that it is not impossible to buy a home while in bankruptcy? I just closed a loan like this last week, and trust me when I say it was a loan most lenders would have denied! The public’s perception of the current mortgage rules is that perfect credit is required to get […] Read more »

Jobs Report Bad News for Economy

The unemployment report is out and it’s not looking good.  The talking heads were predicting that the economy would add 90,000 to 125,000 new jobs… we were a little short.  The entire economy only added 18,000 new jobs which obviously is far cry from what was needed and expected.  WATCH the first 2 minutes of […] Read more »

Charlotte Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates have been on the rise over the past week.  Most lenders online were advertising rates below 4.5% for 30 year fixed loans before last week, but now are at or above 4.5% on average.  You can easily check rates at many websites if you just want a general idea.  Websites like or […] Read more »

Is it Time to Buy Real Estate in Charlotte?

Charlotte Home

Across the U.S. the housing market has been a mess.  We have all heard about or even witnessed the bankrupt home builders, bank failures, and foreclosure plagued neighborhoods.  A housing bust seemed impossible back in 2006, but here we are and many people are wondering when will all this end? I think there is reason for hope!  […] Read more »