Buying a Home

If you want to buy a home in Charlotte or anywhere in NC or SC, I can help!  There is a process to buying a home, and just like with medicine or doing your taxes, not following the right process can lead you into a LOT of trouble.


Most people put the cart before the horse by looking for homes before they line up their financing.  This is backwards and often makes the entire process stressful and downright scary.

If you start your home buying process by getting pre-approved for your financing you can eliminate most of the stress.  We offer a FREE pre-approval process that ensures you know and understand what loan options are available to you and how much you can afford.  I will help you determine your absolute maximum home price, but I will also counsel you on what is the BEST price range and mortgage plan that will help you reach your overall financial goals.  Having the nicest house on the block is not much fun if it becomes a prison!  Having enough cash flow to pay the mortgage and eat occaissionally is better than maxing out or even worse, getting in over your head!

A pre-approval can help you avoid getting emotionally attached to a house you can’t afford.  We can streamline the process by working hand in hand with your Realtor.  A good Realtor – lender partnership will save you time and money!  We can ensure you take full advantage of everything the seller might be willing to offer you, and get you to the closing table faster and will less stress.

Take advantage of this FREE service today.  Click on the APPLY NOW button at the top right of the screen.  I guarantee you a hassle-free pre-approval process in which I will listen to your needs and answer all of your questions.