VA Mortgage Benefits in Charlotte NC

Are you an active duty or discharged veteran of the United States Armed Forces?  If so, you could be eligible for one of the best mortgage programs available today!  Many veterans do not know about all of the awesome benefits available to them via the VA home loan program, and what is truly sad is […] Read more »

It’s ok to RENT… for a while!

Are you a renter who wants to become a homeowner but you’re just not ready?  I am here to tell you that is just fine!!  You might not be ready to buy a home today, and whether you need 5 months or 5 years to get ready, that is OK.  Don’t let anyone tell you […] Read more »

USDA Loans Back Online!

I wrote a recent post about possible delays with USDA Rural Housing loans.  The good news is that the delays were very short lived and USDA is back funding loans once again!!  There have been some small changes made to USDA but the overall benefit of the programs remains intact. Just in case you are […] Read more »

Charlotte Home Prices

Did you know that all Charlotte homes have NOT dropped in price!!  The problem many times is that we all here national or regional numbers, but when you are buying real estate what matters most is what is closest to you.  What are homes selling for in your zip code?  What about your neighorhood? Read more »