How to Avoid PMI

Avoid PMI

First let’s talk a little about what PMI is and why lenders require it.  PMI stands for private mortgage insurance.  When most homebuyers hear the term insurance they immediately think it is for their benefit.  It gets associated with mortgage life insurance that pays off the mortgage in case they die, but PMI does not […] Read more »

Mortgage in Charlotte NC

Charlotte mortgage loans

Are you looking for a mortgage in Charlotte NC?  Have you talked to a Charlotte mortgage broker or a Charlotte mortgage lender?  Fairway Independent Mortgage is one of the nations largest correspondent lenders… what does that mean to you?  A mortgage broker can offer you flexible terms because they can shop for you to many […] Read more »

Home loan Charlotte NC

Buy a home in Charlotte NC

If you are looking to buy a home in Charlotte, North Carolina, here are a few things you should know.  You should start with the home loan before looking at the first house!  No you dreams at night of owning a mortgage loan in Charlotte, but you can’t own a home without the loan to […] Read more »

Is it Time to Buy Real Estate in Charlotte?

Charlotte Home

Across the U.S. the housing market has been a mess.  We have all heard about or even witnessed the bankrupt home builders, bank failures, and foreclosure plagued neighborhoods.  A housing bust seemed impossible back in 2006, but here we are and many people are wondering when will all this end? I think there is reason for hope!  […] Read more »