NCHFA Home Advantage Loans

Are you putting off buying a home because you think you need to save up more money?  Well you might not have to wait as long as you think!  Fairway is proud to offer NCHFA Home Advantage loans with down payment assistance that you can use to buy a home in Charlotte!  You can actually use this program to […] Read more »

Government Shutdown Impact on the Mortgage Market

A partial shutdown of the federal government has monopolized the headlines lately and certainly comes with some impacts to all lending institutions, including Fairway. Not all government agencies have issued specific guidance, we are speculating on some of the likely outcomes based on industry sources and past experiences in 2012 and 2011 when shutdowns were […] Read more »

Your KEY to Mortgage Approval!

What We Need to APPROVE YOUR MORTGAGE! The number one reason for delays in obtaining loan approval and for delayed closings is incomplete or insufficient financial documentation remitted by applicants. This article contains clarity and will allow you to avoid these pitfalls. If you have questions regarding any of the items that we have requested […] Read more »

Are you a Chameleon or a Caterpillar?

I just returned home from Todd Duncan’s Sales Mastery Event in beautiful Palm Desert, CA.  I had a wonderful time and certainly learned a lot from all of the world class speakers.  One of my favorite speakers at the event, Michael Maher, made a comment that really impacted me… Are you a Chameleon or a […] Read more »

Where Do Credit Scores Come From?

– By Michelle Black, HOPE USA Credit scores affect your life in many important ways.  First, anytime you apply for a mortgage, car loan, credit card, or financing of any kind your credit score will be looked at to determine whether you are approved or denied financing.  If you are approved, your credit scores are […] Read more »