The Truth about Mortgage Rates Part 3

Mortgage Rates

The Federal Reserve or “FED” does NOT directly set mortgage rates. I know its a shocker, but the media is usually all wrong when talking about what moves rates. You have probably heard it mentioned on the evening news that rates are higher because of the “FED” but this is actually all wrong and many […] Read more »

Charlotte Mortgage Rates are LOW!

Mortgage rates have been remarkably low for some time now, but many “experts” thought they would be higher by now.  I am not going to go too far into the subject of what drives rates because that is a whole different topic, but in general the economy drives rates.  If the economy is really good […] Read more »

The Truth about Mortgage Rates, Part 2

OK let’s talk about shopping rates! This is every customers headache and every loan officer’s nightmare… WHY you ask?  Because of the misinformation in the marketplace and the deceptive practices of “some”. Home buyers typically dread shopping rates because it feels similar to shopping for a new car. Once engaged, the evil sales guy is […] Read more »

The Truth About Mortgage Rates, Part 1

I am often asked the question, “What is your rate today?”  Sometimes the question is asked differently but the intent is the same… people want to know what the LOWEST rate available is typically on the 30 year fixed mortgage.  I think it is vitally important that people understand the TRUTH about mortgage rates before […] Read more »