Mortgage in Charlotte NC

Charlotte mortgage loans

Are you looking for a mortgage in Charlotte NC?  Have you talked to a Charlotte mortgage broker or a Charlotte mortgage lender?  Fairway Independent Mortgage is one of the nations largest correspondent lenders… what does that mean to you?  A mortgage broker can offer you flexible terms because they can shop for you to many […] Read more »

How to Refinance

Learn how to refinance your charlotte mortgage

Many homeowners buy a home and never really understand how to refinance their home loan.  What does refinance mean?  I get asked a lot of refinance questions that make me believe that most homeowners think a refinance is like a loan modification.  There is a major difference.  When you refinance your mortgage you are paying […] Read more »

Should I Refinance?

Should I refinance?  This is a question I get asked quite often and typically what surprises me most is what sparks the interest.  I get a lot of calls from my past clients when they receive one of those ridiculous mail offers that pretend to be either some top secret government refinance program or someone […] Read more »

Charlotte Mortgage Refinance

Are you looking to refinance your mortgage loan?  Refinancing can save you thousands of dollars but it is NOT free and might not make sense.  Everyone should not refinance their loan just because interest rates are a little lower.  Let’s take a look at a few examples of what makes sense and what doesn’t! Read more »