Get Your Offer Accepted in Charlotte Sellers’ Market!

Get PreApprovedIf you want to buy a home soon, you need to understand the real estate market in Charlotte, NC.  Charlotte is a Buyers’ Market NO MORE!  Bidding has become very competitive and I have even had clients offer the full list price and get out bid!  What does a sellers’ market mean to you as a homebuyer, and how can you put your offer at the top of the stack?

Here is my top 5 tips to get your offer accepted…


  1. Provide a Pre-Approval Letter instead of just a pre-qualification letter!
  2. Make a strong offer up front, don’t start really low and try to work your way up… someone else will get there before you.
  3. Offer to close quickly… shorter periods between offer and closing are more attractive to sellers.
  4. Have your lender make a courtesy call to the listing agent – encouraging them that you are solid.  It goes a LONG way!
  5. Don’t ask for too much… personal property, closing cost concessions, etc…

These are only tips and every offer situation is different.  I am NOT a licensed real estate agent, so please consult your agent before making an offer to ensure which of these tips might help you the most.  Real estate is a negotiable purchase, so it is never a “one size fits all” situation, but having some awareness of the current Charlotte real estate market can help!

An offer that is dependant on financing is obviously never as strong as cash, but if you work with your lender to obtain full Pre-Approval, not just pre-qualification, your offer is much closer to that of a cash buyer!  The key thing to understand is that it is not all about price.  An offer that is $5,000 more but never closes is worthless to a seller anxious to move.  Giving a seller added assurance that your financing is in place can make a huge difference.

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