Military Mortgage Specialist Charlotte NC

I am proud to announce that I am now a certified Military Mortgage Specialist!!

There are a lot of companies that offer VA home loans but they don’t specialize in them, and there can be issues when processing a VA loan if the loan officer doesn’t know what questions to ask.  Fairway Independent Mortgage has a passion for helping and protecting our veterans and we have taken extra steps to ensure we do it right the first time!!

WHY do I offer VA home loans in Charlotte, NC?

#1.  My father was a US Marine!  I have a profound respect for our service men and women and want to ensure they know what their benefits are and how to make the most of them.

#2.  I LOVE doing VA home loans!  It a fabulous program was awesome benefits… if someone is telling you not to use your VA eligibility, CALL ME NOW!

#3.  Many mortgage companies are taking advantage of veterans and that makes me MAD!

One of the most important parts of our focus is GIVING BACK!  We work with the BOOT CAMPAIGN and recently raised over $10,000 to help purchase a house for a wounded veteran, mortgage free!  I am really proud to be a part of a company that gives back like that!!  We are also preparing and shipping care packages over seas to active duty troops on a regular basis!

Fairway Boot Camp April 2012

If you would like to learn more about VA eligibility or VA loan benefits in Charlotte, NC, please email me or give me a call at 980-721-7478.  You can also check out some of my past articles here that provide some great info about the VA mortgage as well.


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