Mortgage in Charlotte NC

Are you looking for a mortgage in Charlotte NC?  Have you talked to a Charlotte mortgage broker or a Charlotte mortgage lender?  Fairway Independent Mortgage is one of the nations largest correspondent lenders… what does that mean to you?  A mortgage broker can offer you flexible terms because they can shop for you to many different national lenders, but you need to find out how many lenders is your broker set up with and something almost impossible to know is how well your Charlotte mortgage broker knows the lenders!  I’m sure if you ask any mortgage broker they will tell you they are an expert but obviously that is not always the case.

How is working with a mortgage lender in Charlotte going to be different?  I have worked for several mortgage lenders in Charlotte NC.  I have worked for Myers Park Mortgage, American Security Mortgage and now for Fairway Independent Mortgage.  I can tell you from almost 15 years of experience helping families buy and refinance homes in Charlotte NC that there is a HUGE difference working for a mortgage lender! 

Most mortgage lenders are much larger and have more support staff that the average mortgage broker.  Many small brokers process their own loans and have a million things to keep up with… leaving very little time for product research, monitoring rates, etc…  Fairway offers me a Branch Support team for general questions I run into every day, a product help team that can research thousands of mortgage products and always repsonds to me within 30 minutes or less, a underwriting support team to quickly answer any unusual scenario questions I have on a specific file and even a condo team that helps me find out if a Charlotte condominium project is approved or even to help me get one approved!  I have a virtual army of experienced mortgage professionals behind me to find any and every way possible to get YOUR mortgage loan in Charlotte NC to the closing table ON TIME!

Everyone left in the mortgage business in Charlotte is going to have a persuasive sales pitch, but ask them the hard questions!  Do you have a support team to help you research my loan with multiple lenders?  How many support staff do you have in your office?  Do you pay for a rate monitoring service that tracks interest rate trends and alerts you if rates are moving up or down?  Does your company underwrite my loan or do you have to send it out to another company?

There are a lot of sincere mortgage people out there but after the recent meltdown many small brokers and even regional banks and lenders simply do not have the staff or resources to get your loan closed quickly.  I am not writing this to be negative against my fellow mortgage professionals, many of them are my friends and I certainly admire anyone who has stuck with it over the last few years, no easy task.  The question is what mortgage professional at which company can get you the solution you need when you need it and at the most competitive terms!

This is a blog article not a sales pitch, and as such I am open to discussion and debate.  Please feel free to post a comment or ask some questions.  I am by no means trying to state that I am the only good loan officer or my company is the only one that can provide you the best service and terms.  What I am saying is that there is a certain type of company (correspendent mortgage lender) that I believe will offer you the best chance at achieving your mortgage goals.  I am certain of one thing, there are hundreds of mortgage loan officers out there in Charlotte that will be willing to help but there is only a small group that will handle your needs with 100% honesty and professionalism and I am one of them.

My goal is to provide homebuyers and homeowners in Charlotte a place get honest answers to their mortgage questions.  I figure if I do that a business will take care of itself.   I

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