USDA Loans Back Online!

I wrote a recent post about possible delays with USDA Rural Housing loans.  The good news is that the delays were very short lived and USDA is back funding loans once again!!  There have been some small changes made to USDA but the overall benefit of the programs remains intact.

Just in case you are reading this and asking, “what is a USDA loan??  I thought they approved beef?”  Here is a quick overview of the program and its many benefits:

  • 100% financing
  • It is possible to financing closing costs and even some repairs
  • Great low fixed rates (similar to FHA rates)
  • Very low monthly mortgage insurance (called something different, but its the same thing as PMI)
  • Restricted to certain areas and income limits (
  • Easy qualifying quidelines (you don’t have to have great credit to qualify)

If you would like to learn more about USDA loans in Charlotte and the surrounding areas, give me a call at 980-721-7478.  Most of Mecklenburg County is ineligible but most of the area right outside of Charlotte is eligible for this great mortgage program.  I offer a FREE pre-approval service if you would like to find out if you qualify.


Charlotte Home Prices

Did you know that all Charlotte homes have NOT dropped in price!!  The problem many times is that we all here national or regional numbers, but when you are buying real estate what matters most is what is closest to you.  What are homes selling for in your zip code?  What about your neighorhood? Read more »

USDA Changes Guarantee Fee

USDA Rural Housing loans are seeing a change to the Guarantee Fee!  Starting October 1st, the upfront fee will reduced from 3.5% to only 2%.  This sounds really good but they are also adding an annual fee of .30%.  Let’s take a look at how this works out over time. Read more »

USDA Rural Housing Loans Delayed

We have been advised by USDA officials that effective 10/1/2011, USDA will not issue final approvals for loans to close.  They have funds to last through the end of the month so any loans that received “conditional commitments” from a local USDA by 9/30/2011 should be fine. Read more »

Getting Approved for a Mortgage in Charlotte NC

Are you trying to get approved for a mortgage loan?  Not as easy as it used to be, is it?  There is good news and bad news about the ever changing mortgage world…

First the bad news!  It is definitely more difficult to obtain approval for a residential mortgage loan today.  Every lender is different, so the rules and requirements might differ slightly but overall the process has become pretty much the same any where you go.  The mortgage meltdown and insuing banking crisis of the past few years, along with increased regulation from Uncle Sam, has created a scary environment for lending.  Mortgage companies and banks are afraid to make a mistake and have become overly cautious about each potential loan applicant.  Read more »