Are you a Chameleon or a Caterpillar?

I just returned home from Todd Duncan’s Sales Mastery Event in beautiful Palm Desert, CA.  I had a wonderful time and certainly learned a lot from all of the world class speakers.  One of my favorite speakers at the event, Michael Maher, made a comment that really impacted me…

Are you a Chameleon or a Caterpillar?

He went on to say that a Chameleon changes, while the Caterpillar transforms!  One is temporary and one is permanent.  One is reactive and the other is proactive.

Now I am not going to get super philosophical here, but that’s some pretty deep stuff if you really think about it.  When you think of your life and business, do you change only when you have to in order to avoid disaster, or are you pursuing big dreams that require you to transform into a stronger, better YOU?

This is not self-help jargon.  Nope.  This is as practical as it gets.  We all desire BETTER.  That may be a better marriage, better finances, better health… We all want better.  The only way to get BETTER is to get better!  We have to transform for lasting results.

Let’s look at an example we can all identify with… Diets.  When you diet you are “changing” what you eat for a temporary time to avoid something unpleasant.  How many times have we seen this fail?  We lose the 15 pounds just to add 20 right back and WHY??  Because we acted like the Chameleon.  We made a temporary change in order to get a permanent result and it DOES NOT WORK.  Instead we should transform our eating and exercise patterns with new proactive habits that will ensure long term health.

Why do we do this?  There are several reasons but it usually boils down to lack of accountability.  In our hearts we would love to accomplish some inspiring and life defining goal, but we keep it a secret so when we fail no one will notice.

I want to encourage you to think about your goals, make a plan and then tell people about what you are going to do!  You will be amazed at the lengths people will go to in order to help if you would only ask!

I have had an amazing year personally and professionally and the biggest change was having some people that I trust hold me accountable to follow through on my plans.  Knowing that someone is checking behind you makes it a lot tougher to procrastinate that important task or blow off that workout!

Ok, that’s all for now… I hope this helps.  Remember, to get BETTER you have to get better, and I believe in you!!

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