USDA loans in Charlotte NC

USDA Rural Housing loans are obviously for rural areas, but what the USDA deems rural is not always that obvious! Most people think that you can only use these great loans out in the country, where the deer and the antelope play. That is not exactly true, and while you won’t be buying any plush uptown condos with a USDA loan, you can buy some great homes in and around Mecklenburg county.

The first step is to see if you qualify for this great program. If you are thinking about using this loan you should visit the USDA eligibility site by clicking here. Check your income first… it won’t matter if the properties you like are within the eligible area if your income is too high.

After you make sure your income is under the limit using their online calculator, go to the property eligibility map. You can enter a specific address or simply use the map and zoom in to find which neighborhoods might work for you. It is very easy to use but the safest way is to work with a loan officer to check you eligibility.

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