VA Mortgage Benefits in Charlotte NC

Are you an active duty or discharged veteran of the United States Armed Forces?  If so, you could be eligible for one of the best mortgage programs available today!  Many veterans do not know about all of the awesome benefits available to them via the VA home loan program, and what is truly sad is that many lenders actually talk veterans out of this wonderful loan because they don’t feel like doing the extra paperwork!!

Here is a small sample of the many benefits available with a VA Home Loan:

  1. ZERO DOWN – that’s right VA loans offer 100% financing in the Charlotte area upto $417,000!
  2. RELAXED qualifying quidelines that make sense – VA will allow veterans that have ample disposable income to qualify for more house than many other loan programs.
  3. NO ANNUAL PMI!!  VA does charge a funding fee that can be financed into the loan upfront, but there is nothing added into the monthly payment for PMI, so compared to conventional, FHA and USDA Loans you will have a lower monthly payment.
  4. LOW FIXED RATES!  VA loans offer several options but the most popular is the standard 30 year fixed.  Rates are at all time lows so why not lock in that super low rate now?
  5. Seller paid closing costs – VA loan allow the seller to contribute upto 6% towards the closing costs.  This means that you can truly buy a home in Charlotte with ZERO MONEY out of pocket!

If you have served our country, you deserve a lender that is willing to do a little extra work and process a VA loan for you.  Don’t be fooled, many lenders don’t offer or simply don’t know how to properly handle a VA home loan, but that DOES NOT mean you shouldn’t learn about the savings these great loans can offer your family!

If you would like more information or would like to find out if you are eligible, please give me a call today!  I promise to answer your questions and provide information without a hassle.  No pressure to do anything other than learn about this great program.

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